Cohen, Tobias

Tobias Cohen—polymath, futurist, raconteur; researcher of lost technologies and forgotten prehistory; writer of novels, plays, movie scripts, and books; producer of documentaries and docudramas; financier, public relations specialist, speaker, UFO investigator, radio show host, and actor—is a global venture catalyst with a vast multi-disciplinary approach. A recovering shaman, a teacher of Eastern and Western wisdom systems, and a cutting-edge scientist bent on recovering ancient insights, he studied with many famous wisdom keepers, both famous and unknown, from Manley P. Hall to Krishnamurti. Knowledgeable about Tibetan systems, Chinese systems, Indian systems, and Amerindian lore, he is an alchemist (internal and external), a composer of film score-sound designs, an anti-aging investigator, and a researcher for decades on pyramids, earth energy and other alternative energy sources, the physics of death, transcendental states, miracles, teleportation, anti-gravity, PSI phenomena, Masters and Adepts, biological transmutations, species communication, giants, bigfoot, pole shifts, ancient warfare, sacred geometry, magical systems, and the secret history of human civilizations. In short, he is an intellectual and spiritual force behind our Genesis Quest.

    • Location: Greece