Production Team

    Aden, James (Jim)

    Underwater Producer

    Jim Aden has had a long and diverse career as a diver and underwater cinematographer. After four years in the U.S. Navy, during which stint he taught classes on dangerous marine life and hazardous environment diving, Jim attended and received certification in underwater film at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. He has worked as a commercial diver, gold diver, and underwater videographer for the Berkeley Film Group, doing training films for the Navy and Coast Guard, as well as research films for the Scripps institute of Oceanography…

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    • Location: USA, Texas, Fort Worth

      Bradstreet, David


      David Bradstreet has been involved with film and cable documentary production for over 25 years. His work has aired on HISTORY, A&E, NBC, FOX and SPEED. He began in feature film development for Edward R. Pressman (Hoffa, Talk Radio, Blue Steel, Reversal of Fortune) and actor Louis Gossett, Jr. His credits in cable documentary include award-winning series such as Biography (co-producer), The Color of War and Modern Marvels (associate producer). A California native, David holds film degrees from UC Santa Barbara (BA) and the American Film Institute (MFA)

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      • Location: USA

        Chionetti, Alex

        Explorer, Producer

        Alex Chionetti is an award-winning journalist, researcher, explorer, and filmmaker. Born in Argentina, he immigrated to the United States to continue his studies in different schools, including MIT, USC, and UCLA. Early on, he worked with legendary filmmaker Roger Corman. His research life ever since has been devoted to lost civilizations, extraterrestrial visitations in both past and present times, and solving scientific enigmas. He was a disciple of the late Dr. Joseph Allen Hynek, the pioneer astronomer who coined the term “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” Dr. Hynek considered Chionetti to be “the most active field researcher I knew.”

        As a global explorer, Alex has devoted almost 30 years to field research, including three expeditions to a system of caves in the Amazon Jungle that present evidence of advanced ancient civilization. In a recent search for a fabled Gold Library of Ecuador, he was attacked by Shuar Indians, who used to be headhunters; he and his guards—special forces of the national police—fled for their lives under spear, dart, and shotgun fire, well earning his reputation as a “true Indiana Jones.”

        During the last decade he discovered two pre-Incan cities in the central sierra of Peru, never previously recognized before by official archaeology. Exploring the Chilean high desert, he found figures and lines related to the Nazca lines.
        As a producer, Alex’s documentaries have been broadcast on Fox, NBC, A&E, History Channel, Sci-Fi Channel, and other networks, and his work as editor and contributing editor includes hundreds of articles and scientific essays published in newspapers and specialized magazines in several languages. He is author of the book Parallel Worlds. His deep expertise in Latin American, Spanish, and Italian research venues, plus his intimate knowledge of global distribution of quality edutainment content and his strong relationships with theatrical chains, independent cinemas, TV stations, and media conglomerates, including radio and newspapers, make him one of Genesis Quest’s most valuable players.

        Alex was an original developer of the Ancient Aliens pilot and the first two seasons, in which his original ideas based on his research helped to create episodes such as “Mysterious Worlds,” where he brought for the first time to American audiences subjects as the Zone of Silence in Mexico and the Markahuasi Plateau and the Amaru Muru Door in Peru, and later “Underground Aliens,” where he brought the mysteries of the Cave of Tayos and the Metal Library, and “Underwater Aliens,” as a few of his contributions still used in remaining seasons.

        Recently Alex was asked to design a six-hour episodic series for Discovery Channel about lost treasures in the South American jungles, and he is developing Spanish-language content for National Geographic Channels. Currently, Alex is organizing an expedition to find a sunken 19th-century vessel in the Atlantic.

        • Location: Argentina

        Clevenger, Dr. John

        Manager, Producer, Writer

        Dr. John Clevenger, GQ’s founder, was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. He received a doctorate in music theory from the Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester, a master’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin, and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan. As a doctoral student, he carried out extensive research in France and Italy. Known for his attentiveness to detail and his knack for finding things in unexpected places, he received three national awards for his work.

        In 2008, John turned to a career as a writer. His epic e-novel, The Flood, is a tale about Atlantis and Lemuria and the global catastrophes that destroyed them. He hopes to parlay this fact-based fiction project into a dramatic TV series and three blockbuster films. Through GQ, he intends to live his own adventure and help uncover the truth about these legendary ancient civilizations.

        • Location: USA, California, Santa Barbara

          Cohen, Tobias

          Producer and Researcher

          Tobias Cohen—polymath, futurist, raconteur; researcher of lost technologies and forgotten prehistory; writer of novels, plays, movie scripts, and books; producer of documentaries and docudramas; financier, public relations specialist, speaker, UFO investigator, radio show host, and actor—is a global venture catalyst with a vast multi-disciplinary approach. A recovering shaman, a teacher of Eastern and Western wisdom systems, and a cutting-edge scientist bent on recovering ancient insights, he studied with many famous wisdom keepers, both famous and unknown, from Manley P. Hall to Krishnamurti. Knowledgeable about Tibetan systems, Chinese systems, Indian systems, and Amerindian lore, he is an alchemist (internal and external), a composer of film score-sound designs, an anti-aging investigator, and a researcher for decades on pyramids, earth energy and other alternative energy sources, the physics of death, transcendental states, miracles, teleportation, anti-gravity, PSI phenomena, Masters and Adepts, biological transmutations, species communication, giants, bigfoot, pole shifts, ancient warfare, sacred geometry, magical systems, and the secret history of human civilizations. In short, he is an intellectual and spiritual force behind our Genesis Quest.

          • Location: Greece

          Jafet, Fabio

          Series Director-Producer and Editor

          Brazilian-born Fabio Jafet is an Emmy Award-winning director based in Los Angeles and New York, with a unique list of credits: directing/editing music videos with Pitbull, KISS, Lil Wayne, Enrique Iglesias, Flo Rida, and Skid Row; producing/directing the documentaries “Waking Up Dead” and “Assignment Afghanistan,” winning an Emmy Award for the latter; producing the Latin Grammy Awards Pre-Show and Source Awards Pre-Show; and working with Horror Legend Tom Holland (Child’s Play, Fright Night).

          Prior to his directing career, Fabio spent over a dozen years trotting the globe as a journalist in broadcast news, winning nine Emmy Awards and covering big stories like the O.J. Simpson trial, the Papal visit to Cuba, the 1996 Olympics, the Gianni Versace Murder, and assignments in the Middle East, to name a few. He has worked at CBS News, Newspath, WSVN, and CBS and NBC stations in Miami and New York. While at CBS Miami, he created the show ‘Viewfinders,’’ which won 50+ Emmys for his staff. His connections with network news will be instrumental once GQ has results worthy of making world news.

          Jafet proudly wears “Hardwear” by Junker Design and moonlights as a guest speaker at Universities inspiring future filmmakers. Reel:; IMDB:; see also and


          • Location: Brazil
          • Website: Link

            Kempner, Burt


            Writer-Producer Burt Kempner has worked professionally in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Florida. His work has won numerous major awards, and has been seen by groups ranging in size from a national television audience in the United States to a half-dozen Maori chieftains in New Zealand.

            Burt’s broadcast credits are as follows. For PBS: KidHealth, a 13-part series on children’s medicine with Peggy Fleming, The Fall and Rise of Germany, a two-hour exploration of the German nation since the end of the Second World War, and Chincoteague, a celebration of the wild ponies and human inhabitants of this island off the coast of Virginia. For The Discovery Channel: The New Detectives, a series about crime-fighting advances in forensic science, and The Spirit of Punxsutawney: Groundhog Day, a documentary about the western Pennsylvania town made world famous by a weather-predicting rodent. For CNBC: numerous episodes of Today’s Environment, a survey of ecological success stories hosted by actor Ed Begley, Jr. And for European television: Weimar: A Modern-Day Renaissance City, an historic look at the one-time home of Goethe and Schiller and its latter-day efforts to become a cultural center once more. He is the writer of two award-winning short feature films, Spanish Lesson and The Last Paperboy. Nonprofit clients include the Sierra Club, the Jane Goodall Institute, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Habitat for Humanity, the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Mote Marine Laboratory, Circus Sarasota and the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding.

            In 2014, Burt founded RealLifeScripts ™, a coaching practice combining his many years as a professional storyteller with his experience as an outreach counselor working with at-risk families and the homeless. Burt is a passionate believer in creating works of integrity and value to the viewing public

                Pavlosky, Charles

                Executive Producer

                After classical training at conservatories in the UK and the US, then taking advanced studies in business and communications, Charley met and became part of the writing/producing coteries that supported the Elton John Band, Rolling Stones, and Alice Cooper, as well as band-mates from Sting, Madonna, Kenny Loggins, and many other notables. This success led to being named Managing Director of the largest independent music label in the world, overseeing its contemporary music division and its entire staff. During his tenure, Charley witnessed advancing technologies’ effects on the old business model and began developing one of the earliest iterations of digital music transfer over phone, cable, T1, and fiber optic lines. It came into use in studio-to-studio sessions in anticipation of emerging peer-to-peer Internet file sharing.

                Seeking to match his musical background with his visual sense and writing for the screen, Charley then began crafting film and television development scenarios for Tri-Star, Warner Brothers, Brillstein-Grey, King World, CBS, Lion’s Gate, NBC, F/X, and Fox. He also enjoyed the privilege of acting as Executive Producer and Creator for the Comedy Stores in Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Universal Studios, working with Sam Kinison, Andrew Dice Clay, Roseanne, Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, and Eddie Murphy in what many consider to be the great comedy renaissance of our time.

                Never taking his eye off the exponential advancement of technology and its marriage to entertainment, Charley and his co-founders conceptualized the SEETV digital distribution platform for streaming programming content and harvesting valuable user data. Charley has spent the last three years conceptualizing the platform, recruiting the necessary talent, and formulating and developing the various shows, including SEETV’S flagship offering, a half-hour comedy that stars Lewis Black, Kathleen Madigan, Joel Murray, and Dann Florek.

                On the personal front, Charley has played golf at a highly competitive level for many years, competing in the US Amateur, The National Public Links, The National Mid-Amateur, and The US Open Championship. He has been a sustaining member of Earthwatch, The World Wildlife Fund, Amnesty International, Sierra Club, and The Cousteau Society for twenty-five years.

                • Location: USA

                  Subbotin, Nikolay

                  Russian Producer, writer and megalith researcher

                  A scientist, researcher, traveler, member of Russian Union of Journalists, writer, and ufologist, Nikolay Subbotin is the director of the Russian UFO Research Station (RUFORS) and heads the Russian chapter of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).

                  As CEO of KinoMarket Creative Association, Nikolay has created stories for the Ren-TV documentary TV channel, TV3, and other channels in Russia. He has produced dozens of TV stories on paranormal phenomena, appearing on news channels in Russia as well as the United States, France, England, Japan, Poland, and other countries…

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                  • Location: Russia