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Ancient Egyptian weather report describes result of massive volcanic eruption

6 Apr , 2014  

“An inscription on a 3,500-year-old stone block from Egypt may be one of the world’s oldest weather reports—and could provide new evidence about the chronology of events in the ancient Middle East. A new translation of a 40-line inscription on the 6-foot-tall calcite block called the Tempest Stela describes rain, darkness and “the sky being […]

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‘Homo’ is the only primate whose tooth size decreases as its brain size increases

4 Apr , 2014  

“Andalusian researchers, led by the University of Granada, have discovered a curious characteristic of the members of the human lineage, classed as the genus Homo: they are the only primates where, throughout their 2.5-million year history, the size of their teeth has decreased alongside the increase in their brain size. The key to this phenomenon, […]

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Discoveries Challenge Beliefs on Humans’ Arrival in the Americas

2 Apr , 2014  

“SERRA DA CAPIVARA NATIONAL PARK, Brazil — Niede Guidon still remembers her astonishment when she glimpsed the paintings. Preserved amid the bromeliad-encrusted plateaus that tower over the thorn forests of northeast Brazil, the ancient rock art depicts fierce battles among tribesmen, orgiastic scenes of prehistoric revelry and hunters pursuing their game, spears in hand. “These […]

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How globalization and climate change destroyed ancient civilization

1 Apr , 2014  

“A global economy held together by interdependence — possibly to a fault. A changing climate causing worldwide disaster. And a warlike people seeking to wreak havoc throughout civilization. It sounds like modern times, but the description above applies to the period known as the Late Bronze Age, around 3,200 years ago. In his new book, […]

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Did Humans Arrive in Americas 30,000 Years Ago?

16 Oct , 2013  

“Although Christopher Columbus is associated with discovering America, the 15th century explorer actually first set foot upon modern day Haiti and the Dominican Republic. But people were inhabiting both North and South America for thousands of years before Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Historians commonly believe that humans first crossed to the Americans from Asia […]

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8,000 Year Old Evidence of Human Activity Found in Alps

29 Sep , 2013  

“Fourteen-year-long archaeological excavations in the Parc National des Écrins in the southern Alps have provided evidence of human activity from the Mesolithic to the Post-Medieval period. Dr Kevin Walsh from the University of York with colleagues unearthed a series of stone animal enclosures and human dwellings considered some of most complex high altitude Bronze Age […]

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