Europe and the far East

    de Jong, Jan Peter


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    • Location: Netherlands

      Herbo, Yves


      Born in Valenciennes in the north of France in 1959, Yves Herbo comes from a family of coal miners respectful of Christian traditions. Having moved with his parents to Paris in his youth, he underwent a strange religious experience around the age of nine, witnessing the emergence of a flying object like a large sphere or milky-white orb flying scarcely fifteen meters overhead.
      Shortly thereafter, a passion for writing that never left him prompted him to write a novel, before beginning to write several articles and novels about alternative reality, in which some readers detect certain messages or possible visions of the future. He then focused on the UFO phenomenon and has even received his ufologist investigator badge (for two unpublished surveys) on behalf of the magazine Lumières dans la Nuit (LDLN 1975/1977).

      Yves attended the François Villon School in Paris for his literary studies before beginning a 20-year career as a financial administrator within a large electronics and high-tech consortium, Thomson-CSF, now Thales. But his passion for writing, as well as for archeology, still prodded him, and he began to write science fiction anew, to which he applied his IT knowledge, gained with Atari and Commodore in the early 1980s, to the creation and adaptation of several websites and blogs, while writing numerous articles (about 2000 to date) on archaeological mysteries, history, astronomy, ufology, and the paranormal. He did some amateur caving and archaeological research in the mysterious realm of Fontainebleau, and is keenly interested also in megaliths and celts.
      Yves published his two futuristic novels written as a child in 2011 and 2015, and is preparing to release a collection of stories, while updating his autobiography.
      A former member of the Password Euroswap IT-teams, Delight, and Paradox (H1), Yves has written numerous articles and reviews on various sites, notably the former,,, and Since 2010, he has served as Deputy Secretary of SerieViewer Association.

          Hall, Eileen

          Researcher, Gold Library Expert

          EILEEN HALL was born in Quito-Ecuador and has lived in Scotland for 17 years. She graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art with a Diploma in Architecture and the Arts.

          She is currently working as a Part II Architect for Icosis Architects. Some of her previous experience includes working for Konishi Gaffney Architects in Edinburgh, Reiach & Hall Architects, as well as for Aurica Architects in Quito….

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          • Location: United Kingdom

            Subbotin, Nikolay

            Russian Producer, writer and megalith researcher

            A scientist, researcher, traveler, member of Russian Union of Journalists, writer, and ufologist, Nikolay Subbotin is the director of the Russian UFO Research Station (RUFORS) and heads the Russian chapter of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).

            As CEO of KinoMarket Creative Association, Nikolay has created stories for the Ren-TV documentary TV channel, TV3, and other channels in Russia. He has produced dozens of TV stories on paranormal phenomena, appearing on news channels in Russia as well as the United States, France, England, Japan, Poland, and other countries…

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            • Location: Russia

              Cohen, Tobias

              Producer and Researcher

              Tobias Cohen—polymath, futurist, raconteur; researcher of lost technologies and forgotten prehistory; writer of novels, plays, movie scripts, and books; producer of documentaries and docudramas; financier, public relations specialist, speaker, UFO investigator, radio show host, and actor—is a global venture catalyst with a vast multi-disciplinary approach. A recovering shaman, a teacher of Eastern and Western wisdom systems, and a cutting-edge scientist bent on recovering ancient insights, he studied with many famous wisdom keepers, both famous and unknown, from Manley P. Hall to Krishnamurti. Knowledgeable about Tibetan systems, Chinese systems, Indian systems, and Amerindian lore, he is an alchemist (internal and external), a composer of film score-sound designs, an anti-aging investigator, and a researcher for decades on pyramids, earth energy and other alternative energy sources, the physics of death, transcendental states, miracles, teleportation, anti-gravity, PSI phenomena, Masters and Adepts, biological transmutations, species communication, giants, bigfoot, pole shifts, ancient warfare, sacred geometry, magical systems, and the secret history of human civilizations. In short, he is an intellectual and spiritual force behind our Genesis Quest.

              • Location: Greece

                Boulter, Jonothon

                Back-Engineering Guru

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                • Location: United Kingdom

                  Yang, Kitty


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                  • Location: Taiwan