Eileen Hall

Eileen HallEileen Hall, Gold Library Searcher, Scotland-small

Researcher, Gold Library Expert 


EILEEN HALL was born in Quito-Ecuador and has lived in Scotland for 17 years. She graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art with a Diploma in Architecture and the Arts.

She is currently working as a Part II Architect for Icosis Architects. Some of her previous experience includes working for Konishi Gaffney Architects in Edinburgh, Reiach & Hall Architects, as well as for Aurica Architects in Quito.


CLANDESTINE BIRD – Eileen is the Co-founder of Clandestine Bird, a collective of professionals with the aim to work in projects that help preserve the natural habitats of Ecuador, with a special focus on ornithology and bird watching tourism. www.clandestinebird.com


TAYOS GOLD LIBRARY – Eileen also manages the work of her late father Stan Hall (Tayos Caves Expedition 1976). She published his books and website and continues with his project for an online museum of pre-columbian artefacts from Ecuador. www.goldlibrary.com