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Discoveries Challenge Beliefs on Humans’ Arrival in the Americas

2 Apr , 2014  

“SERRA DA CAPIVARA NATIONAL PARK, Brazil — Niede Guidon still remembers her astonishment when she glimpsed the paintings. Preserved amid the bromeliad-encrusted plateaus that tower over the thorn forests of northeast Brazil, the ancient rock art depicts fierce battles among tribesmen, orgiastic scenes of prehistoric revelry and hunters pursuing their game, spears in hand. “These […]

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Archaeology, Science

Did Humans Arrive in Americas 30,000 Years Ago?

16 Oct , 2013  

“Although Christopher Columbus is associated with discovering America, the 15th century explorer actually first set foot upon modern day Haiti and the Dominican Republic. But people were inhabiting both North and South America for thousands of years before Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Historians commonly believe that humans first crossed to the Americans from Asia […]

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