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    Here’s my recent email (with some edits to keep certain details secret for now) to Dr. Linda Elkins-Tanton, Principal Investigator of NASA’s impending mission to asteroid 16 Psyche, an anomalous metallic object in the so-called Asteroid Belt that seems to be the core of a destroyed planet. That mission is scheduled to launch in 2023, and to arrive there in 2026, hopefully around the time Movie 3 of the film version of my epic trilogy may come out. This message explains a discovery of stupendous importance we have brewing, which I predict, once confirmed, will be hailed as the most important discovery in human history–and aptly so, since in my view it reveals what engendered that history. Now, to be clear, Lindy did NOT say that she agrees with my assertion that Psyche is in fact exactly what it seems to be. Indeed, a main reason I contacted her was simply to confirm that NASA has no idea about this very real possibility, which her responses indicated they do not. But they do now, as will those of you who care to read this! How I arrived at this working hypothesis is detailed in my preliminary ebook edition of The Flood 1: Escape from Atlantis.

    “Based in part on what I learned from pureblood Inca descendants, Psyche is not just another asteroid; it’s the core of the former fifth planet from the sun, called (we think) ‘Tiamat.’ The other objects in the Asteroid Belt are not leftover rubble of the early Solar System; they’re remnants of Tiamat.

    “The Inca descendants told me that their people, the ancient Aryans, were ‘servants of the Serpent Gods,’ a humanoid species with exceptionally long crania who had come to Earth from Tiamat. I call them ‘natural-born longheads,’ to distinguish them from their hybridized servants, who artificially deformed their children’s skulls in imitation of their masters. They said that Tiamat was a watery world that had been destroyed by the same celestial invader that would later cause the biblical Flood, as recreated in my novel/films. We’ve examined natural-born longhead skulls, which have seemingly nonhuman features. They were preeminent mariners who were clearly associated with ancient megaliths globally, including the pyramids in Egypt and such as Sacsayhuaman in Peru. Their DNA is linked with certain Middle Eastern populations, particularly in Iran, which very name derives from the word ‘Aryan.’

    “Hence, we believe that there was some sort of genetic intermixing between Tiamatians and early humans. Most basically, the Tiamatians had red hair; so did the ancient Aryans. At the farthest extreme, it’s even possible that Homo sapiens sapiens was seeded by these aliens from a destroyed world within our solar system. If this central premise underlying my work can be proven, that would constitute a discovery of stupendous importance. We think that this occurred originally around the site of the Arkaim temple in central Russia, where a longhead skeleton was recently recovered, and that the ancient redheaded giants (such as the biblical Goliath) were also hybridized progeny of Tiamatians. We have some giant bones, and permission to dig for others at a South American site, where we’ve been offered land, on which we hope to build a research base.

    “There’s much more to this, to include also our theories on Tiamatian super-technologies, principally pyramid power, which increased agricultural yields, and a method for generating true antigravity fields, with which the megaliths were erected, and which I believe was a vestige of an ancient alien star-jump technology. I know some of this sounds nuts, but you should see the evidence we’ve assembled. Most of this is probably at least roughly correct; and some of it could be enormously consequential. People at NASA should be aware of these theories, and the strong evidentiary indications supporting them. And future missions to the Asteroid Belt (perhaps most aptly by the Indian Space Research Organization, since south Asian Indians are Aryans) should probably take into account the possibility of finding relics in all that rubble–including, for example, pieces of pyramids.”



    From Author’s Aside #9 in The Flood 1: Escape from Atlantis:

    And here’s one more angle on my Tiamat Hypothesis, actually put together after I submitted the original version of this ebook to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, but prior to its initial publication, these developments having happened on Christmas 2020. In this case, having learned about Ceres, an object resembling a small moon that also resides within the Asteroid Belt, I realized that it may have been one of Tiamat’s moons, a second one (Kingu, as it may have been called) having been broken up but also gravitationally entrained by the celestial marauder concerned. So let me insert here extracts from an email I just sent to the Principal Investigator for NASA’s Dawn Mission to this object, Dr. Christopher Russell at UCLA:

    “Hi Chris. I just learned of Ceres and the Dawn Mission, and wanted to reach out to apprise you of a new theory about Ceres that has arisen from my group’s ‘alternative’ archaeological research. This theory posits that the Asteroid Belt may in fact be the remnants of a formerly inhabited world within our solar system, and that Ceres might be one of its former moons….

    “Now, there could be any number of reasons why this theory may be just poppycock, and of course I am no planetary scientist…. Yet this possibility should be considered in relation to future missions to the Asteroid Belt, unless it can be readily ruled out, which you may feel free to indicate to me if you wish. If I can be convinced that this is just nonsense, I’ll stop propounding this theory, or at least add cautionary remarks citing any such strong contrary evidence when I do, with the caveat that just because an idea is at odds with what’s generally accepted does not make it false.

    “Also, irrespective of my theory about the natural-born longheads having come to Earth from Tiamat and then genetically enriched humanity in some way, or even seeded us, I’ve read that there are indications that Ceres may have once been covered by an ocean…. With this in mind, you should be aware of Zecharia Sitchin’s related claim that the Sumerians had witnessed that former world being torn in two by a celestial marauder. If that was true, then Ceres itself may bear evidence of such a celestial marauder, as also posited in my novel and film project, premised on that same object later having crossed paths with Earth, for which cataclysmic near-miss there is considerable physical evidence….

    “Please feel free to be in touch if you care to engage one way or another on these ideas. I would be greatly appreciative if you choose to do so, even if you can readily rule them out.”

    As of the date of publication of Book 1, that’s where this Tiamat Hypothesis rests—so goes the March of Science. Make of it what you will!

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