Donato, William (Bill)

Archaeology Coordinator


Bill DonatoMarine Archaeologist1

William Donato, GQ’s archaeology coordinator, earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in anthropology from California State University-Fullerton. His long-time interest in deep antiquity was first manifested in his master’s thesis, “A Re-Examination of the Atlantis Theory.” In this comprehensive work, he analyzed the pros and cons of the theory, taking into account a wide range of data from anthropology, archaeology, biology, ethnology, and geology, making cross-cultural comparisons, weighing evidence for major prehistoric catastrophes, and considering how scientific paradigms may influence perspectives. Then he took his endeavor into the field. A certified diver and noted marine archaeologist, he has explored archaeological sites throughout the world but is best known for his investigation of the Bimini Docks, formerly and incorrectly called the “Bimini Road.” Having dived at these underwater structures over twenty times since 1974, he is considered the world’s foremost authority on them. William is founder of The Atlantis Organization (T.A.O.), a scientifically oriented research and networking organization focusing on archaeology and alternative theories, and President of the APEX Institute (Advanced Planetary Explorations Institute;, dedicated to investigating evidence of ancient advanced civilizations.