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20 Sep , 2013  


Welcome to the website folks! Just a word of caution – the site is under heavy construction and will continue to be so over the next couple of weeks. Please check back regularly as we implement changes here.

As Genesis Quest ramps up its operations, it plans to offer several ongoing types of events, some of which will be open to the public, while some will be provided only to patrons who have supported Genesis Quest through its crowdfunding campaigns or by direct contributions, whether on a for-profit basis to Genesis Quest for our entertainment products, or a nonprofit basis to support our scientific research through tax-free donations to the APEX Institute.

Genesis Quest will offer a balance of public/patron events. We look forward to stimulating discussions with curious individuals who want to learn more about our work, the ancient enigmas we seek to solve, and how recovery of lost knowledge might benefit humanity today and in the future.

GQ team members will periodically present seminars on their research and field experiences. Dates, places, and times will be announced on this page. Some seminars may feature more than one Genesis Quest team member. Pre-registration will be required, as seating may be limited in some locations.

Individuals with applicable expertise who want to join one of Genesis Quest’s research expeditions are invited to inquire about these opportunities.

Depending on the destination and the research, testing, and experiments planned for the trip, as well as logistics, open spots may be limited. Because these are working expeditions, you may be assigned specific duties.


Preston has been deeply passionate about Ancient History, the unexplained and alternative world-views throughout his entire life. This eventually led to his doing Anthropology and Science and Technology studies in University, which provided a solid ground for the theoretical aspect of Science and paradigms. Aside from research into the various subjects with Genesis Quest, he is very much interested in 'why' people think they do - or why a certain paradigm has more precedence over another.

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