Rodriguez Carrion, Dickson O

Ecuador InvestigatorDickson Rodriguez Carrion, Landowner


Dickson Rodriguez was born in Cariamanga, Ecuador, where he graduated in 1999 with a degree in digital programming at the local university, while completing his diploma in 2000 at Mariano Samaniego High School. He went to London in 2001 on a student visa to learn English, obtaining certificates in web design and information systems management. In 2007 he returned to Ecuador for about a year to help his family by working on their farm. The farm, which has been in Dickson’s family for generations, is divided into two parts, one on a foothill of the sacred mountain, and the other one close to the mountain, about 25 minutes by foot from Cariamanga. During this time, friends related to him the local legends of the Cariamanga region, and he quickly grasped the extraordinary nature of the potential discoveries there. After returning to Britain, he gained research experience while working for a company that organizes conferences worldwide. He currently works for a company supervising more than 20 buildings belonging to the Crown Estates (the royal real estate holdings).
Dickson began seriously studying ancient evidence in Ecuador in 2009, and since then has met some very interesting people: Rodrigo Hidalgo, Manuel Palacios, and Ruth Rodriguez Sotomayor, as well as the family of the late Padre Vaca, among many other kind and helpful people. He has been instrumental in connecting Genesis Quest with both local Ecuadorian experts and financing leads in London, thereby becoming one of the most valuable members of our team, having singlehandedly made our Ecuador project possible.