Expeditions, Genesis Quest

Leedskalnin’s Castle: Possible Research Expedition

18 Apr , 2014  

Many of the world’s ancient megalithic structures are associated with legends of levitation. The Genesis Quest team is keenly interested in determining if there is any truth to these accounts. Unlike GQ’s other projects, this initiative will focus on what may be the only modern-day example of such secret technology – the incredible Coral Castle of Homestead, Florida, […]

Expeditions, Genesis Quest

The Bahamas: Future Expedition

17 Apr , 2014  

Beneath the beautiful blue waters of Bimini Island, a little more than 50 miles east of Miami, Florida, lies a submerged structure nicknamed the “Bimini Road.” Since it was first discovered in 1968, this area has been linked to the legend of Atlantis … primarily because of famed psychic Edgar Cayce’s prediction that remnants of […]

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