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Genesis Quest on USOKS Radio Campfire chat!

20 Sep , 2013  


So  this week marked GQ’s first public appearance. We were invited by our friends at USOKS to join them on PFRN’s Global Conference with some wonderful guests like Robert, Bauval, Robert Bower, Steve and Evan Strong, the USOKS research team and USOKS host Bob Newton with PFRN Bobby K.

We are very grateful for this opportunity to speak – and we look forward for more appearances in the future. If you missed the show you can listen in here:



You can listen in HERE


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Preston has been deeply passionate about Ancient History, the unexplained and alternative world-views throughout his entire life. This eventually led to his doing Anthropology and Science and Technology studies in University, which provided a solid ground for the theoretical aspect of Science and paradigms. Aside from research into the various subjects with Genesis Quest, he is very much interested in 'why' people think they do - or why a certain paradigm has more precedence over another.

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