GQ’s Kick-starter campaign video!

1 Apr , 2014  

Greetings folks! Well, we have finally put together a little kick-starter video which will hopefully, depending on its success, help is to finalize some research goals over the next while. We ask our friends and family to please vote for us! You head on over to this Facebook page to do so – but please keep in mind, you have to click the big blue VOTE Button next to the video (not just like the link)!


Preston has been deeply passionate about Ancient History, the unexplained and alternative world-views throughout his entire life. This eventually led to his doing Anthropology and Science and Technology studies in University, which provided a solid ground for the theoretical aspect of Science and paradigms. Aside from research into the various subjects with Genesis Quest, he is very much interested in 'why' people think they do - or why a certain paradigm has more precedence over another.

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