Evidence of a comet that rained ‘a shockwave of fire’ detected on Earth

9 Oct , 2013  

“A comet that struck Earth around 28 million years ago annihilated part of modern-day Egypt — but managed to leave behind a few relics for modern scientists to marvel over. According to a team of South African researchers, a small pebble discovered by an Egyptian geologist in 1996 has been identified as having come from […]



Did Earth Life Come from Space? Tough Algae Suggests Panspermia Possibility

27 Sep , 2013  

“Scientists have long debated the possibility of that the microbial seeds of life did not originate on Earth, but were perhaps delivered here from an alien source, encased in comets or meteorites from Mars. But to get here, simple life forms would have had to endure a litany of harsh cosmic conditions, including ejection into […]

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